Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Another's Trash Is Our Treasure

Fred and I took last weekend off and enjoyed ourselves. We did one of our favorite things that we like to do. We scoured out tag sales and flea markets in search of unique items for our birdhouses. I would say we were pretty successful in our findings.

As always, Fred could not wait to get back and start designing some birdhouses around the items we found. He finished these up today. Sure hope you enjoy the pictures.

All our birdhouses are especially made for the small songbirds that frequent your yard. They are fully functional for outside. We make then so the bottoms unscrew easily for clean out. As with all our birdhouses, we give them a slightly aged appearance.

We found this piece of old brass piping in a box of misc. items at a tag sale down the road.

This is an old window latch that was probably used many years ago. The white paint from the windowsill is still on the latch.

This was a great find at the flea market. It is a cast iron horseshoe with a horse and an old rusty hook attached. A great gift for someone who loves horses or a western theme.

This copper plated drawer handle makes an excellent perch.
These birdhouses will be added to our Etsy store within the next few days.


Amber Dawn said...

I absolutely ADORE the horseshoe birdhouse!

Paula said...

Hi Lynnie!

Rick said...

These are really wonderful!

Kimberquinn said...

I love your bird houses.Way to cute.

Carol said...

What great ideas. Thinking outside the box. Love your houses. I'm a follower now!