Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Feeding The Birds

It is that time of year again when the birds need a little help from us. One way we can do this is by hanging up a variety of feeders that will attract different species of birds. Birds need food and water to survive. This includes drinking and bathing water.

We just put up our tube feeders for the winter. One holds thistle and the other sunflower seeds. Chickadees, nuthatches and finches are generally attracted to these types of feeders. Suet feeders are a good source of food for woodpeckers. We have one hopper feeder we fill with birdseed for cardinals. Our feeders are eye level and hang in the trees.

A shallow birdbath sits at the edge of the yard. We fill it with approx. 2" of water and change the water frequently. Birds like clean water to drink from so get into the habit of cleaning your birdbath.

The main idea is to make the birds feel at home, safe and feel protected from any predators. Once you have done this, you can sit back and enjoy bird watching.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Birdhouse Cleaning

We cleaned out many of our birdhouses over the weekend. Many we hung back up for the birds to seek shelter in for the upcoming winter. Others we are storing in the shed until spring. We were pleasantly surprised as to how many of our birdhouses were in use over the spring and summer.

It is so interesting to see how the little birds build their nests and what they use. We have given some of the best nests to a friend of ours who collects them. Thought we would share a picture or two of one of the last bird family of wrens we had before they left. Fred took the pictures and two days later the house was empty. Can't wait until next year!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fund Raiser

We are happy to be a part of the Connecticut Center for Child Development which is a non-profit organizagtion helping to better the lives of autisitic children and adults and individuals with other pervasive developmental disorders. The organization is located in Milford, CT and will be hosting a dinner, dancing, and silent auction on November 6, 2010.

We have donated one of our birdhouses to this important event. All proceeds will support the new Adult Day Services Program for adults with developmental disorders.

We wish them much success! To learn more about them please click on the link below:

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Craft Fair

Hi Everyone

Over the weekend we participated in the Bennington Garlic Festival in Bennington, Vermont. This is our third year of attending this great garlic festival. The people are so nice and friendly even with garlic breath! Many farms also participated in the garlic festival and sold an array of vegetables, breads, fruits, and you guessed it GARLIC.

The weather was a little windy but cooperated enough for everyone to have a good time. We took a couple of pictures of the festival and hope to be back there again next year.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Black Capped Chickadee

Fred and I have been watching a pair of blacked capped chickadees since February checking out a birdhouse the we placed on our back deck railing the end of last year. We were going to move it come spring time, but a male and female black capped chickadee decided to make it their home to raise their young.

Black capped chickadees in New England start to pair off around February with the mating season. We watched them diligently bringing wood chips day after day to their new home to build their nest. We can now identify the male from the female as the male is longer and heavier.

Their breeding season is done now, the typical breeding season for New England Chickadees is between April and May. Once the nest has been built, egg laying begins. These Chickadees breed once a year.

For days now when we go out on the back deck our male and female Chickadee make it a point to screech at us from the tree that they do not like our presence. Their song "chicka-dee-dee-dee" can be suttle or extremely loud depending on how much we have scared them. Today, however, we were able to actually sit out on the deck, they are finally getting use to us.

We are hoping that there are the normal 6-8 eggs in the nest they built and in 5-7 weeks baby Chickadees will be flying away to begin their own life cycle. Check out our pictures, we think this is the male Chickadee and the female Chickadee is inside sitting on the eggs. Stay tuned, I am sure we will be able to get more pictures for you to see.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Our attraction to birds lies within their beauty, the amusement they can bring us, and their wonderful melodies of their songs. Bird watching is one activity the whole family can partake in. Here are some important steps to follow in order to make your feathered friends happy:

Birds need water no matter what time of year it is. Supplying a birdbath for the birds to bath in will enable them to clean themselves. Birds will also be able to drink from a safe place with a birdbath in the yard. No more than two inches of clean water is needed and always place your birdbath close to a hanging limb so birds can get out of harm's way if they are frightened.

Bird feeders are ideal in the winter for feeding and will attract birds in the warmer months. Birds will rely on these feeders especially when they are raising their young. Scout around and buy food for the birds most common in your area. If you have frequent squirrel visitors, invest in a squirrel proof feeder.

A birdhouse or nesting box will keep birds in your yard while they are raising their young. A sturdy wooden birdhouse hanging from a tree, attached to a tree or building with an L hook, or a birdhouse on a pole are ideal for a family of birds. Remember, birds do not like a lot of activity when they are raising their young so make sure your birdhouse is not near the birdbath or bird feeder.

Once you have figured out the basics, you can sit back and enjoy the entertainment and the beauty of the birds in your area.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Did you know that it is very important to put a few birdhouses in your yard? This is because many types of birds like to choose their home. Most birds will check out birdhouses, inspect them and the area they are hanging and choose one to nest in that fits their needs.

Some birds such as songbirds will not let other birds nest by them. Purple Martins on the other hand enjoy each others company.

Any time is really the right time to put up a birdhouse. In the winter months birds will use the birdhouse for shelter. Always remember that food and water are a necessity for birds to thrive and raise young.

Being able to watch the cycle of birds building a nest, birds hatching, raising their young and leaving can be a wonderful past time for you and your family. Giving the birds a couple of choices in birdhouses will bring you this enjoyment.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Researchers have found a sure fire way to get rid of those pesky squirrels that will be frequenting your birdfeeders soon.....habanero chili peppers.

It has been proven that the birds love it and the squirrels hate it. You can buy hot meat suet cakes at your local garden stores which contain habanero chili peppers or you can mix a small amount of the dried variety into your birdseed.

Let us know if it works.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Don't Forget To Feed The Birds

Winter can be very hard on the birds because snow covers up much of their food resources and ice can make it impossible for them to get nourishment from tree buds and wild fruit plants. Making sure your feeders are well stocked with high quality bird seed is pertinent and can mean the difference between life and death to birds.

There are many new suet cakes and birdseed that can provide the birds in your yard with high fat nutrients to give them the energy they need to survive. Check out your local garden centers and home improvement centers for the different types of varieties they offer, many at reasonable prices.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Butterfly Houses, Mason Bee Houses and Bat Houses

Winter is a perfect time for us to work on new birdhouses. This includes brainstorming on what we feel our customers may like for the new year and also gives us a chance to work on some new designs and color schemes. We are stocking up for the summer shows with a new variety of birdhouses and bird feeders.

Fred has been very busy this past week making butterfly houses and he is in the process of making a few mason bee houses. Last year we had requests from our customers for these bee houses. These houses attract non-stinging mason bees and are an essential part of your garden because mason bees are responsible for pollination.

Bat houses are always in demand, we sold out last year. By the time winter decides to leave, we should be ready for spring with our new designs.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy New Year

Hi Everyone

Just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and thank you for visiting our blog. Your support means a lot to us. We have started applying for our craft shows for 2010. Check our show schedule for upcoming shows. Thanks again everyone!

Fred & Lynn