Sunday, March 7, 2010


Did you know that it is very important to put a few birdhouses in your yard? This is because many types of birds like to choose their home. Most birds will check out birdhouses, inspect them and the area they are hanging and choose one to nest in that fits their needs.

Some birds such as songbirds will not let other birds nest by them. Purple Martins on the other hand enjoy each others company.

Any time is really the right time to put up a birdhouse. In the winter months birds will use the birdhouse for shelter. Always remember that food and water are a necessity for birds to thrive and raise young.

Being able to watch the cycle of birds building a nest, birds hatching, raising their young and leaving can be a wonderful past time for you and your family. Giving the birds a couple of choices in birdhouses will bring you this enjoyment.