Friday, January 28, 2011

More Snow

Some people may say that there is never too much snow, we would have to disagree. The month of January here in Connecticut set a new record for snowfall. The old snowfall record from the year 1945 was set at 45.3" and this months record snowfall is at 56.9".

It seems like we just get a chance to shovel out and there is another storm. They are predicting one for the middle of next week, but are reluctant to say just how many inches we will receive, but it will be significant.

We have two primitive snowmen and santa claus wooden yard stakes that we place out in the yard for winter decorations. Check out the little snowman who is 36" tall.

In this picture Fred moved them to a better spot.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hairy Woodpecker

It is bitterly cold today. The temperature on the thermometer outside on the shed reads 16 degrees. It it deceiving with the sun shining on the snow because it looks much warmer outside than it really is.

We were sitting here this morning looking out the sliding glass windows when Fred spotted a Hairy Wooodpecker on the peanut seed feeder. He was perched there and pecking away at the peanuts.

These types of woodpeckers frequent back yards often and in the winter look for suet, peanuts, sunflower seeds, and peanut butter. During the summer months their diet consists of insects, larvae, fruit, and nuts.

Its not the best picture but we wanted to share it with you. He caught on real quick as to what we were trying to do and didn't stick around.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let It Snow

We are sitting here in New England looking at 30" of snow that has fallen over the past 12 hours. Fred has been shoveling on and off, roads have been closed, most folks did not go to work today.

I have been watching a squirrel for the past five minutes jump from tree branch to tree branch. It seems that even these type of weather conditions do not deter them in any way.

Now more than ever it is extremely important to feed the birds. A good source of food to help them stay warm and gives them energy is beef suet. Ask your local butcher, many give this away free.

Thistle seed and safflower seed will attract gold finches, cardinals, nuthatches and chickadees. Try to stay away from sunflower seeds, corn and millet as this attracts birds that will empty your birdfeeder faster than you can blink an eye.