Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Birdhouses, Birdhouses, Birdhouses

Just wanted to get these pictures posted as well before the New Year begins. These pictures are from Maureen, one of our Etsy customers. She has done a nice job of displaying them and wrote us that

"the birds use them! they're like a busy hotel"

Thank you Maureen, so glad to hear our customers are happy!

Happy New Year 2016

Hello All

We want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year for 2016. The next three months Fred will be hard at work making birdhouses for the upcoming craft shows for next year.

He also has gone back to his roots and is once again making primitive items for your home. One of our customers purchased a large primitive heart and sent us a picture of it. She hung it above her fireplace. The moment she saw it she knew it was a perfect fit. We have to agree with her, it looks great. Thank you Marcia!

Check back again soon, we will be posting our 2016 craft shows and will be adding onto them constantly throughout the year.

Again Happy Blessings to All.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

More Pictures

Hi Everyone,

Once again we would like to post some pictures of a very dear customer and friend of ours who has faithfully purchased our birdhouses over the years.

We so much enjoy these pictures, it is a very nice feeling to know that the hard work Fred puts into making all of these birdhouses pays off  and we love to hear all of your stories and admirations.

Thank you Camille, your pictures are wonderful!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Trumbull Arts & Crafts Show

Hi Everyone
We had a wonderful time in Trumbull CT Sunday. They called for scattered rain but we prevailed.
I would like to share with you some pictures of another repeat customer that really enjoys gardens and birdhouses. Thank you Linda for sharing your pictures. There is nothing better than hearing stories of satisfied customers like you enjoying our birdhouses.

Thank you again for sharing Linda. We love the pictures.

Feeding The Birds During Winter

Here are some ways to attract birds to your yard during the fall and winter months.

Beef suet can be hung from November through April. The birds will eat it frozen as well.

Clean out the birdhouses that have been used throughout the Spring and Summer. Also add additional birdhouses to your yard. Birds that stay around will use them for warmth and protection during the cold winter months.

If you do not get to cleaning up your yard, that's okay for a bird. Birds will use the dead leaves as cover and will eat any seeds they find on the ground.

Birds need water, a heated bird bath or fresh water source filled daily will encourage them to come to your yard to drink and bathe.

A variety of feeders such as seed blocks, thistle tubes and sunflower seeds will attract goldfinches, chickadees, titmice and sparrows just to name a few.

 has many unique birdhouses. Come visit our website today.

Friday, September 4, 2015


There are over 40 species of bats in North America which makes it a good chance that there are bats in your yard. Bats feed on insects and therefore keep the population of mosquitoes and other insects at bay.

You can find bats in high canopy protecting trees. You will see them at dawn or dusk because they are nocturnal creatures. Bats like to be near water because that is where the insect population thrives. Believe it or not, bats like lampposts and lights, since this is also an attraction for insects.

For bats to visit your yard they need food, water and housing. A source of water such as a pond or creek should be no more than 1/4 mile away. This attracts insects which will attract bats.

A bat house is an excellent way to keep bats around in your yard. Place the bat house at least 14 to 15 feet high to the south, south east. Bats like the sun and love the temperature of 85 degrees or more.

These simple steps are just some ways to help the bat population thrive.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


More and more people are interested in butterflies these days. Now there is a word for people who study butterflies, it is called butterflying. It is becoming a fast growing outdoor hobby on a gorgeous sunny day.

Butterflies can be found in overgrown fields where there are a variety of wildflowers. Believe it or not mud puddles are an attraction to many types of butterflies. They can absorb salts from these places. You may also want to put out a sugar water feeder or some rotting fruit. Just a couple of ways to attract butterflies to your backyard.

If you decide to go butterflying just remember to pick a warm sunny day with little wind. Butterflies will stop flying when the weather is overcast, that's how much they like the sun.

Monday, July 27, 2015

We had a wonderful weekend in Old Saybrook. Saturday was a lovely day with a slight breeze blowing constantly off the shore. Sunday was rainy in the morning but then cleared by afternoon. 
Our craft customers did not let us down either day. We saw many new faces and many familiar faces from previous craft shows this year.

We love to hear your stories of how much you enjoy our birdhouses and love even more when you tell us they have been used to raise bird families.

We were very fortunate to run into Darlene again. She has been a loyal customer and we are very grateful to show you pictures she sent us of her beautiful gardens. Hope you enjoy them as much as we have. Thank you Darlene!!!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Celebrate West Hartford Days

It was a wonderful weekend in West Hartford. Plenty of sunshine and lots of repeat customers. We were so happy to hear your stories of our birdhouses being occupied and thank you immensely for your patronage. One of our customers has sent us pictures of her birdhouses during the summer and winter months.

Remember, songbirds will use birdhouses for nesting and also for shelter during inclement weather. Thank you Karen for taking the time to send us your pictures, we really appreciate and enjoy them.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Long Meddowe Days

We had a wonderful weekend at the Long Meddowe Days craft fair this past weekend. The weather was beautiful and we made many new friends. Here are a few pictures of birdhouses from one of our customers over the weekend. They look great in her yard. Hope to see everyone again next year!

Thank you Elizabeth for the great looking pictures. Enjoy your birdhouses.

Saturday, April 25, 2015


It is important to clean your birdbath out every few days during summer. Giving it a good rinse with the hose might not be enough. Sometimes you need something stronger to clean away the algae or built up dirt. A solution of water and bleach might just do the trick.

Test this solution on a small part of your birdbath to make sure it will hold up to this mixture. If so, begin by cleaning off the birdbath with your hose. Then add water until your birdbath is almost full. To this add one to one and a half cups of bleach.

Make sure you cover this mixture with a plastic trash bag and secure tightly. You do not want any birds getting into this mixture. Leave and let soak for 15 minutes. Drain mixture in a safe place.

Rinse your birdbath for a good few minutes until the smell of bleach is gone. Refill with water and let the birds enjoy a day in the sunshine.