Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's Not Too Late To Put Up That Birdhouse

Most of us know that courtship for a songbird begins in late winter and early spring. This is the time when they are scouting out a good birdhouse to raise their young in. However, some species of birds will nest more than once during the spring and summer season.
You can still attract a mating pair of birds now by following these simple guidelines.

--Make your birdhouse inviting by making sure the hot summer sun does not beat down on it during the mid to latter part of the day. Facing the entrance hole to the north or east will help.

--Do not place your birdhouse facing a busy street or in an area with a lot of human contact. You want your birds to gather food and feed their young and not waste their energy feeling like they have to defend their nest.

--Do not place your birdhouse next to feeders. Leave a comfortable distance of at least 25 feet or more between each. Birds will not nest and raise young where they eat because most are territorial.

--Don't give up, sometimes one can attract birds in a few days, sometimes it takes a few years. You can increase your chances by adding feeders and a bird bath to your yard which will make birds feel comfortable in their surroundings to raise their young.

Good Luck.