Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Our attraction to birds lies within their beauty, the amusement they can bring us, and their wonderful melodies of their songs. Bird watching is one activity the whole family can partake in. Here are some important steps to follow in order to make your feathered friends happy:

Birds need water no matter what time of year it is. Supplying a birdbath for the birds to bath in will enable them to clean themselves. Birds will also be able to drink from a safe place with a birdbath in the yard. No more than two inches of clean water is needed and always place your birdbath close to a hanging limb so birds can get out of harm's way if they are frightened.

Bird feeders are ideal in the winter for feeding and will attract birds in the warmer months. Birds will rely on these feeders especially when they are raising their young. Scout around and buy food for the birds most common in your area. If you have frequent squirrel visitors, invest in a squirrel proof feeder.

A birdhouse or nesting box will keep birds in your yard while they are raising their young. A sturdy wooden birdhouse hanging from a tree, attached to a tree or building with an L hook, or a birdhouse on a pole are ideal for a family of birds. Remember, birds do not like a lot of activity when they are raising their young so make sure your birdhouse is not near the birdbath or bird feeder.

Once you have figured out the basics, you can sit back and enjoy the entertainment and the beauty of the birds in your area.