Tuesday, November 11, 2008

DID YOU KNOW - Eastern Screech Owl

The Eastern Screech Owl will start to nest in March. This is because the rodent prey, that the adult owl feeds their young, is plentiful and easy to catch.

Even though this owl is nocturnal, it can see quite well in the daylight.

The ear tufts on their heads can be raised and lowered, at will.

As with all owls, they are more often heard then seen.


kim* said...

i never saw a real owl or at least that i can remember

earmark said...

this is fantastic! what fun facts, thank you!! great blog... what a hoot :)

eeniemoni said...

I love owls. I wish, I'd see more of them around here.

Jen said...

Thanks for teaching me something this morning!