Saturday, April 16, 2011

Song Birds

No matter where one resides, there is always a bountiful selection of songbirds from early spring to fall.

Did you know that songbirds are also called perching birds? This is because they have toes that help them grip their perch, no matter what it is.
Believe it or not, raven and crows fall into this category and are one of the largest song birds. Robins and Blue Jays also fall into this category and are considered medium sized song birds. The birds falling between 5 - 7 inches in length are the ones we would consider smaller songbirds.

Warblers, wrens, chickadees, and goldfinch are frequent visitors of back yards. Now is the time to get those birdhouses out, sit back and watch the activity. You may be quite surprised and please.

Good Luck.

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julie cavender said...

We have bluebird houses on several fence posts and the birds will raise a couple of broods every year. I can hardly keep my feeders full right now!