Sunday, May 3, 2009

More Tag Sale Finds

We went out again looking for tag sales even though the weather was not cooperating. It has been cold, raw and rainy outside today. We really did not think we were going to see any tag sales, but had already decided on a luncheon date. We were encouraged to proceed when we saw a bright orange sign that read "Tag Sale Ahead". We were able to pick up another can of paint. It looks like the paint in this can is light pink. The can is a little smushed, but for .50 we can make it work. We also find some old rusty beach signs that Fred can make great birdhouses out of. It seems like the finds this weekend have a nautical flair. We can really appreciate this because we are on vacation in another two months to the ocean front in Maine. We found one more tag sale on the way home from lunch. Here we found a white wooden pail and an aluminum coffee pot with a black handle. All in all it has been a good weekend scouting different treasures we can use for the birdhouses. It was nice having the little extra time to do this. Keep tuned for pictures, as there is always something for everyone.


Alina said...

I love your bird houses. Thanks for Following!

Denise said...

I love tag sales!