Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Bird Feeders

Hi Everyone

Fred has been working hard making birdfeeders. We have two types to show you. The first bird feeder has a well that is 1 1/4" deep with drain holes in the bottom. This birdfeeder is the perfect size for your feathered friends. The roof overhangs on both sides so the birds are able to stay dry when feeding. We have painted these in red, blue, dark green and kiwi green. Visit our etsy shop and take a look.

When I first made this log bird feeder years ago, I thought, this really does not look like a bird feeder. Well, to my surpise, the birds love it! The next day I was out in the yard and noticed a downy woodpecker. Over the next few days I was surprised at how many wild brids it attracted.

The holes are 1" and the log is from a tree in the woods behind our house. This is a natural way to provide suet and peanut butter for the birds. This bird feeder is perfect for filling with our special bird pudding mix too.

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