Saturday, January 24, 2009

White Proso Millet - Part Six of Seven

You can purchase white proso millet as a hard shell or hulled seed. The hard shell can easily be opened by the beaks of smaller birds and the shell is hard enough to protect the seed inside from the weather. This is an excellent seed for throwing on the ground during the winter months because it is less prone to spoiling . This seed is best used for ground or platform feeding. Proso millet also comes in a red variety, but for some reason the birds prefer the white type, probably because it is slightly sweeter.

Hulled proso white millet is an easily digested treat for your birds and found in most mixes of wild birdseed. You can also purchase this seed by itself. This type of food is hard to find and very expensive though. The white tiny seeds attract a variety of birds, especially towhees, juncos, doves, native sparrows, quail and bobwhite. The painted and indigo buntings love white proso millet. These are two of the most beautiful colorful songbirds you will ever see. If these two types of birds are in your area, you may want to spend the extra money because the sight of them is well worth it!

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