Thursday, October 23, 2008

About Birdhouse Accents

  • I started making birdhouses about seven years ago as a hobby for family and friends. Somewhere, someone had the brilliant idea that I "should sell those things". I tried it and since than it has grown into a full time passion. I have always loved wood working and consider myself so lucky to be doing something I enjoy day after day.
  • Our inspiration comes from the many songbirds that come back year after year. Their melodious songs and cute antics have become an enjoyable part of our lives. We have many birdhouses in our yard, some big, some small, some new and some old. We have one in particular that we have hanging up in a tree now for over six years. It is dilapidated and falling apart. Our friends are always telling us to get rid of it, yet we have not been able to do that. A family of wrens come back year after year. We can't wait for next spring to watch them take over this dilapidated birdhouse, build their nest and raise their brood.
  • We love to take day trips and scout out tag sales and flea markets. Imagination is a wonderful attribute and plays out alot in the thought process of making a birdhouse. We strive to find treasures that are unique. Our birdhouses are one of a kind pieces. Many hours go into the making of a birdhouse. It could be a triple layer of paint that has been distressed, to a certain roof angle to give it just the right look, to something so odd that we feel it just has to sell. All our birdhouses are given a worn, aged look to them. We feel it adds to the character of the birdhouse.
  • We participate in many craft fairs throughout the year starting in March and continuing through December. We enjoy talking to people and try to answer all their questions from what type of bird would live in one of our birdhouses to how do you get those pesky squirels from taking over. We especially love the children. It is so exciting to see a little one trying to coax their parents into buying a birdhouse. We encourage this wonderful hobby of getting them involved in the world of birding and are always grateful when they listen to their child.
  • We try to recycle in any way we can. We ship in used boxes and use old bubble wrap from a kyack place down the road. We subscribe to the local paper. Another way to recylce packaging, who would have thought.
  • All our birdhouses are hand crafted and designed by us. Our birdhouses make excellent gifts for any occasion and are sure to put a smile on someones face.
Fred & Lynn

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